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Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off


The Best car baby monitors perfect for road trips Roadtrip with a newborn ?

by Luckview 28 Nov 2023 0 Comments

History of baby monitors

The baby monitor, also known as an baby alarm, was initially designed for remote monitoring of baby. The original purpose was to allow caregivers to hear the baby's sounds when awake. As time progressed, the product evolved, incorporating a visual display on the receiver, enabling caregivers to see real-time images of the baby. This category of monitors is commonly referred to as baby cameras.

However, due to interface and design limitations, such types of baby monitors faced challenges in being applied to cars. The initial solution came in the form of mirror monitors, which made them more suitable for installation in vehicles. Parents could use in-car mirror monitors to observe their babies anytime, addressing the issue of not being able to monitor the baby constantly and providing parents with more peace of mind. With technological advancements, the reverse camera gradually evolved into a more advanced option for detailed monitoring of the baby's condition. Nevertheless, since reverse cameras were initially designed for short-term use during parking, they have limitations for prolonged baby monitoring due to their shorter working duration and the use of thinner wires. Additionally, most reverse cameras use LED lights to illuminate the surroundings at night, which may pose certain risks to the delicate eyes of a baby.

To address this issue, the baby car monitor has emerged. This type of monitor not only meets the need for in-car baby surveillance but also avoids potential impacts on the infant's eyes from LED lights. The baby car monitor has become the ideal solution for parents to maintain focus on their baby during the driving process.

Why choose a baby monitor for your car?

The working principle of a baby car monitor is similar to that of a baby monitor at home. It aims to focus attention on the baby and allows the driver to observe their baby without turning around.

As an experienced infant care expert, Emily deeply understands a common dilemma faced by many parents during her extensive career. It's a concern about life, a profound worry that resides in the hearts of every parent. Infants, so tiny and vulnerable, can find themselves in respiratory distress due to issues like spitting up, swallowing, or being obstructed by objects. What's even more heartbreaking is that parents seated in the driver's seat might not promptly notice these subtle changes, putting the child at risk.To ensure the baby's safety while driving, choosing an appropriate baby car camera is crucial.


When selecting a baby car monitor, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Clear Image Quality: For moms, image clarity is of paramount importance. This not only aids in observing the baby's condition but also captures subtle facial expressions, providing a better understanding of the baby's needs.
  • Night Vision Capability: As driving often extends into the night, opting for a monitor with night vision ensures a clear view of the baby in low-light conditions.
  • Ease of Installation: Busy moms often have limited time, so opting for a monitor that is easy to install is crucial. It's best to choose products that don't require extensive technical skills, allowing for quick installation and saving precious time for busy moms.
  • Wide-Angle View: Due to the limited space inside the vehicle, selecting a monitor with a wide-angle view ensures that moms can see the entire backseat at a glance, especially in situations where there are multiple babies.


When selecting a baby car monitor, these considerations will help ensure that you choose a high-quality product that suits your needs.

The Luckview BM1 is precisely such a product.

The Luckview BM1 boasts a resolution of 1080P, presenting incredibly clear visuals without any purple fringing, allowing you to observe your baby's current state with utmost clarity. 

This product also supports up to 3x zoom, making it convenient for you to get a closer and clearer look at your baby's expressions.

During nighttime drives, the Luckview BM1 employs IR infrared night vision technology, which, compared to typical baby monitors using LED lights, allows for a clearer view of the baby inside the car even in low-light conditions, without causing any harm to the baby's eyes.

The Luckview BM1 rearview camera utilizes a strap-type installation, making it easy and quick to install on the headrest. It can be easily adjusted using Velcro, simplifying the installation process for convenience.

This rearview camera boasts a horizontal angle of 100° and a vertical angle of 55°, ensuring that you can precisely focus your line of sight on your baby. Whether you're on a family road trip or just commuting, sitting in the driver's seat, with the Luckview BM1, you can always keep an eye on your baby's status in the rear seat. This design is intended to provide you with a more comprehensive and real-time baby monitoring experience, allowing you to stay informed about your baby's well-being no matter what happens.


"Luckview" is not just a brand; it's a gesture of care. We invest our passion in providing parents with a safer, more considerate, and smarter in-car baby seat monitoring solution. Our core brand philosophy is to create a safer driving environment for every new family through cutting-edge technological innovation. After numerous rounds of rigorous safety testing and user feedback, we have successfully developed a series of in-car baby seat monitors that deliver real-time high-definition video streams day and night.

These monitors not only offer parents real-time monitoring of their infants but also provide them with a higher level of safety assurance, allowing them to focus on the road without worrying about their baby's safety during the driving process.

Our vision is to become a leader in the field of infant safety, providing global parents with the most advanced safety solutions. We adhere to the principle of safety first, focus on user experience, and firmly believe that innovation is the driving force for continuous progress. We look forward to partnering with every parent to witness the healthy growth of their children, creating a safe and warm home environment for them.

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