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Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off

Prime Day Special Offer, Up to 40% Off


How to choose baby car camera and mirror for new parents

by Luckview 04 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Life for new parents is a blend of joy and challenges, with every moment serving as a learning and adapting experience. In this incredible journey, ensuring the safety of your infant takes precedence. When it comes to selecting the right infant car monitoring device, it's not just a shopping decision – it's choice for providing the best care for a new life.

Amidst these miraculous moments, parents are faced with numerous choices, one of which is deciding between a baby car camera and a mirror. Why is this decision so crucial? Primarily, it's about the safety of your baby, ensuring they receive the utmost care during car journeys.

Every new parent understands that it's impossible to constantly turn around and check on the baby while driving. Thus, a reliable monitoring system becomes a necessity. However, deciding which device to choose can be a perplexing question. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of choosing infant car monitoring devices and provide you with some advice to make a wise decision. After all, every new parent deserves the best tools to ensure their baby is well-protected during every journey.

Baby Car Camera vs Mirror

Baby Car Camera

The baby car camera comes equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities. As you drive with your baby seated in the safety of their car seat, the baby car camera plays a crucial role. It allows you to monitor your baby's status without turning around or stopping the car – a valuable feature. Moreover, baby car cameras offer a broader field of view, capturing more of the backseat. With technological advancements, modern baby car cameras even include night vision, ensuring visibility during both day and night drives.

However, baby car cameras tend to be pricier than mirrors, and some models may have complex installation requirements.


In contrast, a mirror is simple, with easy installation using straps around the headrest. It's significantly more budget-friendly and doesn't require a power source, making it accessible at all times.

Yet, mirrors have their drawbacks. Due to their fixed position, the field of view is limited, and adjusting the mirror angle is manual. Moreover, mirrors can reflect intense sunlight, posing a risk of burns to the baby. This is a hazardous situation. Additionally, mirrors, lacking a power source, provide limited visibility in low-light conditions.

How to Choose

  1. Safety Takes Priority: Baby car camera can provide more comprehensive monitoring, no matter day or night, can help you monitor the baby's condition in the car at all times, and does not produce physical harm to the baby, more help to ensure the safety of the baby.
  2. Budget Consideration: If you're on a budget, mirrors may be your best bet, which is more affordable.
  3. Installation Difficulty: The installation of a baby car camera may be slightly more complicated than a mirror, if you are willing to install complicated products, it is recommended to choose a baby car camera.
  4. Functionality Consideration: If you want to have more comprehensive functions, my suggestion is to choose a baby car camera with night vision and other functions, with the development of the product, more and more useful functions, will also appear.
baby car camera and mirror for new parents


Luckview BM1 is a popular baby car camera, it has a high-definition screen that allows you to clearly see the state of your baby in the back seat while you are driving, as clear as if you were looking at an iPad screen, and just as clear at night. It is also easy to install.





User Stories

Let's hear real stories from new parents. Mike opted for the Baby Car Camera, emphasizing the importance of real-time monitoring for baby safety, especially with the added benefit of night vision. In contrast, Tom and Emily chose the Mirror, prioritizing budget concerns and finding it sufficiently met their needs.


Baby Car Camera and Mirror each have their own advantages and the choice depends on individual needs and priorities. Make sure you think carefully and check out reviews from other parents before making a decision. Safety comes first, but also consider practical needs and budget.
Listening to the advice of other parents and sharing your own experiences is crucial in this decision. Whether you choose the Baby Car Camera or the Mirror, we hope you have an enjoyable and safe time on your journey as a new parent!


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